CIGAR JOURNAL: Cigarrummet expands at new venue.

Cigarrummet is expanding and will move to a new, even larger location only a few blocks from the previous location. The new address is Birger Jarlsgatan 44 in Stockholm.The move to the new location will be carried out during Easter week and the doors to Cigarrummet’s new shop at Birger Jarlsgatan 44 will open April 3, 2018.

It is with great pride Cigarrummet present a collection of Swedish handmade products in Made in Sweden, a corner with a selection of Swedish craftsmanship. With their dedication for details and love for their craft they bring out the best of the briar, noble wood and tobacco leaf they are devoted to. Hand rolled cigars made of tobaccos from the sunny fields of Gotland, freehand Pipes carved from the proud Swedish pipe maker tradition and exquisite humidors from Swedens only humidor maker.

Tektor Bennwik JRosengren Charlotte Mrani

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