Savinelli Limited Edition

This amazing pipe has been produced as a tribute to the centenary of Achille Savinelli’s birth that will be on 8/8/2018. For this special pipe, Savinelli has chosen their shape 106 and a coral finish, a very rare but always sought-after finish. A 4 gram 925 silver band, with the number 8 carved in different positions, completes the look. Everything is made even more special by one of the nicest customized wooden boxes I think we have ever seen. The production of this pipe, made with premium quality totally flawless briar is limited to 100 pieces. This one is number 20 out of 100.

Christmas Pipe 2016 är en freehand i modell Dublin. Den har producerats endast i 55 exemplar varav Cigarrummet har nummer 22. Pipan har en silverdekor i form av renhorn. Ett litet hängsmycke i silver med samma tema följer med i asken.

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