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"Only Fuente is Fuente”

In 2012, the Fuente companies celebrated 100 years of hard work, dedication and family tradition. When the Fuente companies was established, Arture Fuente would have never dreamed his passion for cigars would become a global benchmark for the cigar industry. He started his company in the back of his house with humble beginnings, rolling and blending cigars in the back of his house with his wife Christina and his two sons Carlos and Arturo Oscar. Four generations later, the company is still family owned and operated in the Dominican Republic.

From the very beginning the focus of making cigars was quality; quality tobacco, quality craftsmanship and the taking the time necessary to make a truly remarkable cigar. “We don´t hurry things; we just do things the way they are supposed to be done” says Carlos Fuente Sr. 100 years later, the burning passion for cigars continues to inspire the Fuente family. As they pass down to their children the culture and traditions of Arturo Fuente, the Fuente family will continue to make the world´s finest cigars for generations to come.