Jonas Rosengren Pipes

Jonas Rosengren (born 1972) lives with his family in a rather centrally located house in Halmstad. But in the garden behind the house, it is hard to believe that you are so close to the town centre. Halmstad is a rather big city with a bustling traffic, but here in the garden it is nice and quiet, due to the fact that Jonas’ house is located in an older residential neighborhood without through traffic and where the protective vegetation has had time to grow properly.

Despite his relatively young age, Jonas has tried a lot in his life. He has been repairing different kinds of vehicles, has been an aircraft mechanic, has been breeding aquarium fishes, been a salesman and a lot more. However, in 2004 Jonas decided to become a teacher and started to study biology and mathematics at the university. He liked biology but not mathematics, so he exchanged that for woodwork. And it is as a teacher of woodwork Jonas is active today.

Written by Jan Andersson. Svenska Pipklubben.

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