"After 15 years as a social worker, Charlotte Mrani decided to put her passion for craftsmanship first. “I have always had many ideas and a love for craftsmanship,” Mrani explains. “My mother was an artist and my father came from a carpenter family.” After completing an education in cabinet making and design, and working as an apprentice for a fine-box maker in Ireland, she found her niche. “I fell in love with the technique immediately. I would make boxes over and over again until I was satisfied with the result,” Mrani recalls.

Her first boxes where humidors – well-sealed boxes for cigars. “I couldn’t see any Scandinavian alternatives for humidors so I started crafting them from Scandinavian wood,” Mrani says. She quickly moved on to making other kinds of fine boxes, all with beautiful wood and burr as a starting point." Scan Magazine

CM Annund Charlotte Mrani